Tips for troubleshooting wsastartup in Winsock programming

August 23, 2020 by Jimmie Bourn


Sometimes your computer may display an error code indicating wsastartup in Winsock. There can be several reasons for this problem.

Remarks. The WSAStartup function must be the first Windows Sockets function called by an application or DLL. This allows the application or DLL to specify the required Windows Sockets version and get detailed information about a specific Windows Sockets implementation.



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Some steps are similar for server and client. These steps are almost the same. The steps in this guide depend on the type of application you are creating. Let's take a look at some of the related functions, structures and macros that are available for we're at Windows Sockets 2 and learn about usage in sample programs.

What is Wsadata C++?

The WSADATA structure is version 2.2, which is encoded with the major version number in the low byte and the minor version number in the high byte. This version of the current Winsock DLL, Ws2_32. DLL supports applications that request one of the following versions of the Windows Sockets specification: 1.0.

Before you can and compile Run the Windows Sockets programs you want to add Library ws2_32.lib (or other libraries (ifrequired) from the standard Visual Studio installation / .Net does not add the library to the project by default. Next steps Show how you can add more libraries (dependencies) to your project. The first for Visual C ++ .Net 1.1, followed by Visual C ++ 6. According to Functions / structures / macros used in programs and these similar steps can can be used to add other non-standard libraries to your project, otherwise you might run into something many errors during compilation / linking due to definition of functions / structures / macros cannot be found and resolved.

Is Winsock still used?

Winsock is actually a short "Windows socket", which is a file that Windows programs can use to connect to the Internet and other computers. Technically speaking, Winsock is an “application programming interface (API)” that developers use to make their programs web-compatible. 16-bit applications use a file named WINSOCK.

Expand in the left window Linker folder and Select Enter Subfolders as shown below. For Additional Dependencies , Select the correct blank field.

Enter, for example, the name of the library In this example ws2_32.lib . then Click OK Double click the button to close all project property pages.

In the left window, expand Root folder which is the name of your project, then select Link tab. in End object / library Module: Enter the library name as indicated below. Click OK to close project settings Page. Then you can squeezeFile and run the following sample programs. All examples are compiled and executed successfully Debug mode. When you run There are errors in release mode in the context of the bonding process, but that's not our concern here.

The following example shows using WSADATA Structure and WSAStartup () Function. This shows how an application that only supports version 2.2 of Windows Sockets create WSAStartup () Call.

What is Winsock used for?

Winsock is actually a short "Windows socket", which is a file that Windows programs can use to connect to the Internet and other computers. Technically speaking, Winsock is an “application programming interface (API)” that developers use to make their programs web-compatible. 16-bit applications use a file named WINSOCK.

Once Application or DLL successfully WSAStartup () When you call, you can make additional Windows Sockets calls as needed. If this stopped using the services WS2_32.DLL , application where the DLL should call WSACleanup () authorizations't WS2_32.DLL free up resources for the application. Details of current Windows sockets The implementation is described in WSADATA Structure. Application or DLL may call WSAStartup () multiple times if he should get WSADATA Structural information more than once. On each of these calls, the application can Enter the version number of the supported DLL.

wsastartup in winsock programming

Application should call one WSACleanup () For each successful call, call WSAStartup () calls to authorize third parties DLL to use WS2_32.DLL on behalf of the application. This means, for example, that in one application calls WSAStartup () must be called three times WSACleanup () three times. The first two calls WSACleanup () do nothing but decrease the internal counter; final WSACleanup () When a task is called, all the resources required for the task are released.







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