How to fix Winsock TCP ACK error

August 22, 2020 by Jimmie Bourn


This blog post describes some of the possible causes that can lead to Winsock TCP acknowledgment, and then presents possible remedies that you can try. Winsock is a programming interface and support program that handles I / O requests for Internet applications on the Windows operating system. It's called Winsock because it is an adaptation of the Berkeley UNIX socket interface for Windows.



An Introduction To Windows Socket Programming With C

Part 3

What's In It? Quarter 1 Week 3?

The TIME_WAIT state is also referred to as the 2MSL wait state. MSL supports for the maximum segment lifetime and indicates the time it takes for the packet exist on the network before deletion. Each IP packet has a lifetime (TTL) field that, when decreased to 0, causes the packet to be rejected. Each router on the network that processes a packet decreases the TTL by 1 and sends a packet. Once the application enters the TIME_WAIT state, it remains there is twice the MSL time. This allows TCP to return the last ACK if It is lost and the VIN is retransmitted. Once the 2MSL pending state ends, The socket enters the CLOSED state.

What is the purpose of delayed ACK timer in TCP?

With the TCP delayed acknowledgment timer, you can set on each socket how long the z / TPF system waits for an independent ACK to be sent to acknowledge data on a TCP socket. An autonomous ACK is sent if two complete data packets arrive before the ACK delayed timer expires.

When the closure is active, two more paths lead to the TIME_WAIT state. In our previous discussion, only one side issues a VIN and receives an ACK response. However, the peer can continue to send data as long as itwill not be closed. here Two other tools come into play. The computer shuts down on the way at the same time and its peer on the other side of the connection simultaneously transmits a chord; The computer sends a FIN packet to the node and receives a FIN packet from Peer. The computer then sends an ACK in response to the partner's FIN. and change its socket to CLOSE state. As soon as the computer receives it With the last ACK from the peer, the state of the computer socket becomes TIME_WAIT.

Another way to actively close is just an option Simultaneous closing: the output is changed directly from the FIN_WAIT_1 state in TIME_WAIT state. However, this happens when the application sends a FIN packet. The node receives a FIN-ACK packet shortly thereafter. In this case it is The peer acknowledges the application's FIN packet and sends its The application responds with an ACK packet.

The main effect of the TIME_WAIT state is that during a TCP connection is pending 2MSL, the socket pair that defines this connection cannot be again. A pair of sockets is combination of local IP-port and remote IP-address. Harbor. Some TCP implementations do not allow port number reuse in pair of sockets with TIME_WAIT state. Microsoft's implementation doesn't suffer this disadvantage. However, if you try to connect on which socket Pair is already in TIME_WAIT state, connection attempt fails with WSAEADDRINUSE error. One way to get around this problem (other than waiting for a pair of outlets If you are using this local port to exit TIME_WAIT state, use socket SO_REUSEADDR option.

The final argument for socket states is passive Closing. In this case, the application receives a FIN packet from the partner and responds with an ACK packet. At this point, the application socket changes in CLOSE_WAIT state. Since the node has closed its end, it cannot send No more data, but the app can still run until it closes its end communication. To complete the connection, the application sends own VIN, by which the state of the TCP socket of the application becomes LAST_ACK. Thereafter Application receives ACK-pass Net from peer, application socket. returns to CLOSED state. For more information about TCP / IP, see Contact RFC 793.

Connect ()

The socket is connected by calling connect (), WSAConnect (), or ConnectEx (). We'll look at the Winsock 1 version of this feature, defined like this:

winsock tcp ack

If the computer you want to connect to is not present For a process that is monitoring the specified port, a call to the connect () method with WSAECONNREFUSED fails Mistake. Another error you may encounter is WSAETIMEDOUT, which occurs when The destination you are trying to reach is not available (either due to communication equipment) An error occurred on the route to the host, or because the host is not currently there Net).

2. Select Win32 for project types: and Win32 Console Application for templates :. Enter the project name and solution. Change the project location if necessary and click OK.

5. Next, we need to add a new source file. Click the Project menu> Add New Item submenu, or select the project folder in Solution Explorer> Add menu> Select New Item submenu.

6. Select the C ++ file (.cpp) for templates: Put Enter a name for the source file and click Add. Cpp extension, Visual C ++ The IDE recognizes that the source code used is C based on compilation to C. Option code (/ TC), which will be defined later on the project properties page.

What is Tcp_nodelay?

With the TCP_NODELAY socket option, your network can bypass Nagle timeouts by disabling the Nagle algorithm and sending data as soon as it becomes available. Enabling TCP_NODELAY forces the socket to send data to its buffer regardless of the packet size.

13. Error code 10061 is an enumeration for WSAECONNREFUSED This is a refused connection. This is because the listening server is not activated specified address and port number. The following steps show the client and running server programs.

16. Then check this client connection to a real server. In this case, we will change the port to 80 (standard http port) and Server Then we rebuild the project. You can use the ping tool to get the server address.

Once you have configured communication for the connection-oriented server and client, you can start transferring data.







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