Which Windows Explorer solution has stopped working? How to fix a broken window explorer

July 31, 2020 by Louie Sharp


This guide will help you if Windows Explorer stops working. Run the System File Checker (SFC) tool to check your files. Click Start and type cmd in the search box. In the results pane, right-click cmd.exe and select Run as administrator. If you are an administrator, click Next or enter your administrator password and then click Next.



There are Windows bugs that are masterpieces, which means they have been around since time immemorial and keep on disappearing. One of them comes to mind: "Windows recovered from a serious error." If you search on Google, you will find thousands of entries! Another is "Windows Explorer has stopped working."

And of course, I got one of these error messages on my Windows 7 computer last week. The problem with these errors and their popularity is that they have all possible causes. This is not just a problem causing the error, otherwise it is easy to fix. In this article, I will try to go through all the different methods you can use to fix the error.

Method 1: Perform A Clean Restart

On the hunt! This problem is usually caused by something on your computer other than the operating system. Windows itself rarely crashes with this single error. The first thing to try is to find out which service, program, or startup item is causing the problem, if it's one of those problems.

window explorer has stopped working solution

You can do this by performing a clean boot. This is described in detail inhere on the Microsoft website:

We mainly use MSCONFIG to disable all third party services and startup items and determine if the issue has been resolved. If so, you know it is one of those startup services or items, and you need to start a loop that activates half of the items, then restarts, checks, etc. It will take a little time, but it's worth getting the computer to work fine.

Method 2. Disable Shell Extensions

If you do a clean restart and the problem persists, you can try disabling any third-party shell extensions. You can do this by downloading a free program from Nirsoft called ShellExView.

You want to run the program and then sort all items by manufacturer. Anything not from Microsoft should be disabled. When the problem is resolved, you know it is one of these shell extensions and can enable them individually. To deactivate, simply select an item and then click on the red round button.

Method 3 - Update Video Driver

No matter how strange However, an old or damaged graphics driver could be the cause of the problem. Visit the manufacturer's website and download the latest version for your version of Windows. Make sure you get 32 ​​or 64 bit depending on your system.

Method 4 - Always Show Icons

Another weird solution is to switch to File Explorer, Tools, Folder Options, and then the View tab for Windows XP. In Windows Vista and 7, you want to click the Organize button, then Folder and Search Options, then the View tab.

What is he doing? Instead of previewing an image or video, only one icon is displayed. It may not be perfect, but if it fixes Explorer's unresponsive issue, it might be worth it.

Method 5 - System Restore

If you've installed something like an update or a new driver, and suddenly you have a problem with File Explorer, it might be a good idea to return your computer to a previous state. System Restore allows you to go back to the pre-upgrade or install time period that you think is causingthere is no problem. Click Start and type System Restore.

Method 6 - Run System File Checker

If this problem is caused by a corrupted file on Windows, which is quite rare, you can fix it using various tools. The first runs the system file checker command on the command line. You can do this by opening an elevated command prompt (click Start, type command, right-click and select Run as administrator).

This will check and replace all system and protected files if it is found to be damaged. If that doesn't work, you can try repairing the installation.

Method 7 - Repair Windows Installation

Recovery can be launched from the System Recovery Options dialog box shown above the first time the computer boots. Basically, you have to hold F8 while your computer boots up. After that, you will see a list of additional boot options where you can select "Repair your computer".

Click "Restore pWhen loading ”and let him do it. A command line option is displayed under System Recovery Options. From there, you can try the following command:

Method 8 - Remove Virus / Malware

If nothing else works for you, you may become a victim of a virus or malware. If you think you have a virus, try installing antivirus and antispyware software to find out if there are any problems. If you have a really serious virus infection or a lot of malware, all you can do is reinstall your operating system.

How do I fix Windows Explorer has stopped working Windows 7?

If the problem persists, post your specs here, whatever you've done recently on your computer, and we'll try to help you! Enjoy!







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