What is a page error in the operating system repair utility?

August 22, 2020 by Larry Thomas


Occasionally, a message may appear on your computer indicating what the page error is on the operating system. There can be many reasons for this error. Page error. A page fault occurs when a program tries to access a block of memory that is not stored in physical memory or RAM. The error notifies the operating system that it is finding data in virtual memory and then retrieving it from the storage device, for example. B. The hard drive or SSD must be migrated to system memory.



"a page mapped into virtual address space but not loaded into physical memory" does not mean that it was previously in physical memory. Suppose you are displaying a file? It's still on the hard drive and not yet in memory.

What is page fault in Linux?

A page fault occurs when a process accesses a page that is located in the virtual address space but is not loaded into physical memory. In most cases, page faults are not faults. They are used to increase the amount of memory available to programs in Linux and Unix, such as operating systems that use virtual memory.

Suppose you have mapped the log file and continue to attach it. A page fault occurs whenever you exceed the end of the allocated memory. The operating system presents you with a new blank page and adjusts the file length.

What is Page in operating system?

A page, memory page, or virtual page is a contiguous, fixed-length block of virtual memory that is described by a single entry in the page table. It is the smallest unit of memory management data in a virtual memory operating system.

It is also possible that the program is using more memory segments than the TLB (which is the cache for page tables) can fit. If the pages are contiguous, they can all be processed from a single page table entry. However, if memory is fragmented in the physical address space, many page table entries are required and may not fit in the TLB. If a TLB error occurs, the operating system page error handler is called and the destination is looked up in the process page table.

In a sense, this is a variation on Dean's answer: the pages are already in the physical namemory, and the operating system must load these mappings into the TLB, but not because of the IPC.

Another cause of page failures is the launch of cover pages, which are used for batch enlargement and copy-on-write. Typically, however, they do not happen without communication. I'm not 100% sure if they will show up as access violations as they are flagged as access violations when accessing the MMU trap, but they are probably handled by the operating system's page fault manager and are not converted to users. SEH).

what is page fault in operating system







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