Best way to remove error handling from C # web services

October 06, 2020 by Larry Thomas


Occasionally, your computer may display "C # Web Services Troubleshooting" messages. This problem can be caused by a number of reasons. The exception is a problem that occurs while the program is running. C # exception handling is based on four keywords: try, catch, finally, and throw. try \ u2212 A try block defines a block of code for which certain exceptions are enabled. One or more catch blocks follow.



web service error handling c#

Microsoft ASP.NET Web API is a lightweight framework that you can use to create RESTful stateless services over HTTP. Exceptions are errors that are thrown at runtime, and exception handling is a technique for handling runtime errors in your application's code.

Every ASP.NET Web API developer should know how to handle exceptions in a Web API and how to send appropriate error codes and error messages from Web API controller methods. In the following sections, we will learn how to accomplish these tasks.

Using HttpResponseException In ASP.NET Web API

You can use the HttpResponseException class to return specific HTTP status codes and messages from your controller methods to the web API. Here's an example.

Note that the error code and error message are assigned to the response object and that an HttpResponseException instance will be thrown if an exception is thrown in the action method of the Web API controller. ...

Using HttpError In ASP.NET Web API

What is a Web service error?

The HTTP server generates standard web service errors when requests fail. Based on the information in the request, the server decided that the requested data has not changed since the last request and, therefore, does not need to be re-sent.

You can use the CreateErrorResponse extension method in your web API controller method to return meaningful codeosin errors and error messages. Note that the CreateErrorResponse method creates an HttpError object and then turns it into an HttpResponseMessage object.

See GetEmployee () method above. This method takes an employee ID as a parameter and uses this ID to find and retrieve the employee record using the employee repository instance. If no employee record with the specified employee ID is found, an HttpResponseException is thrown. Notice how the appropriate error message and error code are generated before the exception instance is thrown by the web API controller method.

Using Exception Filters In ASP.NET Web API

Exception filters are filters that you can use to handle unhandled exceptions thrown in web API controller methods. In other words, you can use exception filters to catch unhandled exceptions in the web API that come from your controller methods. Note that the global error filter is a good approach for handling exceptions in wawe are a web API where unhandled exceptions are thrown and not handled in your controller methods.

To create an exception filter, you must implement the IExceptionFilter interface. You can also create exception filters by extending the abstract ExceptionFilterAttribute class and then overriding the OnException method. Note that the abstract class ExceptionFilterAttribute, in turn, implements the IExceptionFilter interface.

The following code snippet demonstrates how to create a custom exception filter by extending the ExceptionFilterAttribute class and then overriding the OnException method. Notice how the standard exceptions thrown by your controller methods are caught by the custom exception filter and then converted to HttpStatusResponse objects using the appropriate HttpStatusCode.

The following code snippet demonstrates how to apply a filter at the action level; X. about the way your controller works.

To apply an exclusion filter at the controller level, you must use the filter attribute at the class level as shown below.

You can also apply Have your own custom exclusion filter globally so it works for all Web API controllers. Here's how to do it.

ASP.NET Web API supports using HttpResponseException to handle exceptions at the controller and action level. When an action method in a Web API raises an unrecognized exception, the exception is converted to HTTP status code 500, which is H. Internal Server Error. When using HttpResponseException, you can specify the status code you want to return in the constructor of the HttpResponseException class. This is a great way to tweak error codes to make them more meaningful.

How do you handle server errors?

The easiest way to deal with errors is to respond with an appropriate status code. Some common response codes are: 400 Bad Request \ u2014 The client sent an invalid request, for example. B. no body required or requirement parameter. 401 The unauthorized client was unable to authenticate to the server.







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