Ubuntu Read-Only USB File System Troubleshooting

July 16, 2020 by Louie Sharp


Today’s user guide has been written to help you when you receive a Ubuntu read-only file system error.

The error was in damaged partitions. Check your section on a flash drive. This may get corrupted if you try to format in Win and then in Ubuntu. If so, delete all partitions and create an active partition for the total GB size of the USB drive.



usb read only file system error ubuntu

Therefore, the USB key that you want to use as a nuclear key may be / dev / sdb (but don’t take my word for it! CHECK! And after you check CHECK again)

- ("d" deletes partitions - in this case there is only one, so I pressed Enter for the default value of "1" - if you have several, you may need to - select 2 or 3, etc.)

How do I change my USB from read only in Linux?

The easiest and fastest way to do this:
  1. Run your terminal as root sudo su.
  2. Run this command in your terminal: df -Th; You will get something like:
  3. Unmount the directory where the USB key is automatically provided by doing the following: umount / media / linux / YOUR_USB_NAME.

- (then I pressed “w” to write the changes, then “q” to exit - do not worry about the message “partition cannot be deleted” - it's up to you to decide - this probably happened because the flash drive was automatically assembled when I inserted it):

(Note - “/ dev / sdb1 * 2048 15099903 15097856 7.2G 7 HPFS / NTFS / exFAT” is no longer displayed)

It would probably be nice to safely remove / remove the device. Plug it in again and run "sudo fdisk -l".

Now you can run fdisk again and create a new partition - or - use gparted (perhaps easier - but not for me - I find the CLI much easier than the GUI).

I came back and created a new Linux partition (83) with "default values", that is: in "sudo fdisk / dev / sdb" I just pressed "n" for "new", then enter, enter, enter (to use) the entire device with the default settings), then “w” to write the changes ... Then I extracted it and reinserted it ...

Why is my USB Read Only?

The reason for the read-only behavior is the file system format. Many storage devices, such as USB keys and external hard drives, are pre-formatted in NTFS because they are used by a large number of users on a PC.

Never be complacent - always check ... I do this all the time, almost blindly, when I deploy Linux servers - but I still sometimes make errors and fdisk on the wrong device, but fortunately I never did this on the production server (sometimes I feel satisfaction when I do something on the home server) ...







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