What are the reasons for Dell Update Bios to appear from CD?

July 31, 2020 by Luca Yagan


If your PC has Dell BIOS Update CD, we hope this guide can help you solve it.

  1. Create a bootable USB drive.
  2. Download the BIOS update file and save it to a USB drive.
  3. Shut down your Dell computer.
  4. Plug in your USB drive and restart your Dell computer.
  5. Press the F12 key at the Dell logo screen to open the single boot menu.



How do you update your BIOS?

This article provides information on how to update your system BIOS in Linux. Most manufacturers offer a Windows executable or BIOS that can only be run on Windows. However, there are some utilities that you can use to update your system BIOS on Linux.





To create a BIOS flash image using the biosdisk utility, first download the latest raw BIOS image for your system from the manufacturer's website. However, make sure you always get the BIOS executable and NOT the Windows executable. Then you have two options: create an ISO image or install an image for your bootloader.


Flashrom is a utility for identifying, reading, writing, checking and removing flash chips. It was designed to flash BIOS / EFI / Coreboot / Firmware / OptionROM images onto motherboards, network / graphics / memory controller cards, and various programming devices.



On this site you can check if flashrom is supported by your motherboard and chipset (internal). Underheld equipment You can also find out if your hardware is supported by entering the following command

The above command informs you about your motherboard and chipset. Then you can find out if yours is supported by entering this command:

More than one ROM chip may be listed on modern motherboards. You need to choose the name of the chip you get from the above command. Then use the -c option to select the ROM that is affected by the command


FreeDOS, a free DOS-compatible operating system, does this and does not require a proprietary version of DOS. All you need is a FreeDOS kernel boot floppy image.

Cancel Launch

You need to format the USB stick to FAT16 and mark it as bootable (this can be done through the GUI using gparted or partitionmanager). Then after mounting the USB stick select FreeDOS and the mounted key in the "Distribution" section. The app will automatically download the image for you and copy it to the player. Finally, you can copyto put on it whatever you want to flash (BIOS, firmware, etc.).


The problem with official FreeDOS images is the lack of extra space for files and firmware and BIOS update programs. The easiest way to create a bootable DOS FAT disk of any size in Linux is to mount the FAT disk under Dosemu and then make it bootable with the sys FreeDOS command.

Ready Images

Using The Disk Image + USB Key Provided By FreeDOS Under Linux

At the time of writing (11/11/2017) unetbootin AUR does not support FreeDOS versions newer than 1.0 (current version 1.2). The following procedure has updated the Inspiron 17-3737 to BIOS A09. (Dell offers this as an option on their website)

Using The Disk Image + USB Key Provided By FreeDOS Under Windows

The author of this procedure has identified several issues when mounting a USB FAT partition using the previous method on Linux with dd. This procedure is to describe how to flash BIOS with FreeDOS, USB stick and Ruckus on Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10. This procedure was performed on July 4th, 2019 on a Dell Inspiron 5547 laptop to update the BIOS from A10 to A12.

Images Too Large For A Floppy Disk

If your flash image is too large for a floppy disk, go to the FreeDos boot disk website and download a 10MB hard disk image. This is a full disk image including partitions. So adding your Flash utility is a little more complicated:

update bios from cd dell

First, find the first section (during writing, the first section starts at block 63; this means the sections start at offset 512 * 63 = 32256 ). You can use:

How do I update BIOS in Device Manager?

Update BIOS automatically using Device Manager
  1. Find and open Windows Device Manager.
  2. Expand the firmware.
  3. Double click System Firmware.
  4. Select the Driver tab.
  5. Click Update Driver.
  6. Click "Automatically check for updated drivers."
  7. Wait for the update to download, then follow the instructions.

The image can now be copied to a USB flash drive for download, or downloaded as a mass storage device, following your normal instructions.


The OEM boot disk version is recommended because it contains only kernel and command.com so there is more space for the flash utility and the new BIOS image remains. Download and extract the FreeDOS image.

If the mount is successful, copy the BIOS Flash Utility and the new BIOS image to the mounted floppy image. Ratherin all, you need to unpack the archive that you downloaded from your motherboard manufacturer's website to access these two files. For example:

The next step is to burn the floppy image to CD / DVD-RW media, but you can then boot it. First create a bootable CD image and then burn it.

Finally, restart your computer, make sure your CD-ROM drive is in boot sequence first, and follow the BIOS update procedure when the CD boots. If you are using the GRUB method, select a new entry from the list and FreeDOS should start.

Bootable Optical Media Emulation

The Geteltorito.pl script fetches the boot image from El Torito. It has worked with Lenovo laptops such as X1 Carbon, X220, X230, X260, X395, W540, T450, T450 and P50. It might work for other vendors as well.



Using Windows PE

If your manufacturer only provides an exe file and you have not followed the previous guidelines, you can update the BIOS by creating a Windows PE USB stick and performing an update from the BIOS from therebut as usual.







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