How to easily fix TrueCrypt Bootloader disk error

August 03, 2020 by Louie Sharp


Below are some simple methods that you can use to fix TrueCrypt bootloader disk error.

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How do I decrypt TrueCrypt?

In preparation for encrypting a system partition / system drive, TrueCrypt requires you to create a TrueCrypt Rescue Disk (CD / DVD) that serves the following purposes:

Please note that even if you lose your TrueCrypt Rescue Disk and an attacker discovers it, the attacker will not be able to decrypt the system partition or disk without the correct password.

The TrueCrypt Rescue Disk screen is not displayed (or if the Recovery Options item in the Keyboard Control section is not displayed), the BIOS may be configured to attempt to boot from hard drives to CD / DVD players. If so, restart your computer, press F2 or Del (when the BIOS splash screen appears) and wait for the BIOS setup screen to appear. If the BIOS setup screen does not appear, restart (restart) the computer and press F2 or Uninstall several times when restarting (restarting) the computer. If a BIOS setup screen appears, first configure the BIOS to boot from the CD / DVD drive (see your BIOS / motherboard documentation or contact your computer manufacturer's technical support for more information ee). ). Then restart your computer. The TrueCrypt Rescue Disk screen should now appear. Note. On the TrueCrypt Rescue Disk screen, you can select recovery options by pressing the F8 key on your keyboard.

If your hot spare is corrupted, you can create a new one by choosing System> Create Hot Standby. To find out if your TrueCrypt rescue disc is damaged, insert it into your CD / DVD drive and select System> Check Rescue Disc.

How do I disable TrueCrypt bootloader?

  1. Right-click the Computer (or My Computer) icon on the desktop or in the Start menu and select Manage.
  2. In the Computer Management window, select Disk Management from the list on the left (under the Storage subtree).
  3. Right-click the partition you want to decrypt and select Change Drive Letter and Paths.







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