Troubleshooting a SQL Server 2008 Cluster - How to Get Rid of Them

August 03, 2020 by Anthony Middleton


Hopefully, if you are having trouble troubleshooting SQL Server 2008 clusters on your machine, this article should help you.

The primary purpose of a failover cluster is to provide a certification authority or high availability for applications and services. CA clusters are also known as failover (FT) clusters and allow end users to continue to use applications and services without delay in the event of a server failure.



How do I setup a failover cluster in SQL?

How to install a new SQL Server failover cluster using the embedded node installation.
  1. Insert the SQL Server installation media and double-click the Setup.exe file in the root folder.
  2. The installation wizard launches the SQL Server Installation Center.
  3. The System Configuration Checker runs the discovery process on your computer.

All RDBMS products are good, but my favorite is SQL Server because it's fun to fix. Meaningful error messages can make our lives easier and help us resolve a problem faster. Another reason I love SQL Server is because it makes me money and allows me to have a family life with SQL Server. In this blog, I will share my experience in solving the problem when my client could not switch from SQL Server to another node.

troubleshooting sql server 2008 cluster

If you search the Internet, you will find many probable causes of failover problems. As mentioned, the exact cause can be determined using the error message and boolean reason. To find the correct error message, I went through various protocols.


spid20s Service broker manager stopped.
spid11s SQL Server stopped in response to a Stop request from Service Control Manager. This is just an informational message. No action is required from the user.
spid11s SQL tracing stopped due to server downtime. Track ID =" 1 "This is just an informational message. No action required from the user.

Above, you can see that this was not a failure or a SQL Server error. SQL Server received a stop request from Service Control Manager that caused it to crash. This means that SQL Server started successfully, but due to some problems, it was prompted to stop. Now remember that this is a cluster. It takes two phases to successfully start SQL Server on a cluster.

If one of the two phases fails, SQL Server goes into Failed state or another node is used. In the current situation, the second nd step seems to have failed. Since this was the second nd step, it makes sense to check the cluster log to see why it failed.


This file must be created manually. Read my previous blog post for steps. SQL SERVER - steps to create Windows cluster log?

Let me simplify only the most important mistakes. Generally, you should focus on the "ERR" lines.

Missing errors or corrupted registration information. Fortunately, the customer had another instance of SQL Server in the same cluster. They were able to test fast failover. As I suspected, this SQL instance could not be online and the errors were the same. So it was a NODE 2 ONLY issue. Then when I compared the settings between the two nodes, I found that node 2 was missing 64-bit client protocols.


How do I test a failover cluster in SQL Server?

To test the failover process using the Failover Cluster Manager Console:
  1. Expand Roles and select SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER).
  2. Right-click the SQL Server Role (MSSQLSERVER), select Move and click Select Node.
  3. In the Move Cluster Role dialog box, select the node to which you want to move the FCI SQL Server.

As expected, the above key was not available on Node 2 and was available on Node 1. Now I knew why we had no problem with Node1. Without complicating the solution, we extracted the above registry key from Node1 and imported it into Node2. We were then able to successfully fail over the SQL Server instance. I must add that editing the registry must be done with care as it cannot be undone without saving. For this reason, I always protect the recording before taking such action.







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