Pool heating troubleshooting needs to be addressed

August 23, 2020 by Frank Maiden


Some readers recently came across a known error message while troubleshooting pool heating issues. This problem can arise for several reasons. We'll deal with them now. There are many possible reasons. If your radiator won't turn on, first make sure the radiator switch is on and the thermostat is set above the water temperature. After checking, check that the pilot ignites and that the gas valve is activated.



Do you know what's great? If you want to cool off and the pool is heated to keep the water warm and comfortable

This is one of the most common problems faced by pool owners at one location or another (usually when opening a pool). And this is by far the most impractical, but that does not mean that it is insoluble. In fact, sometimes turning on a pool heater can be as simple as a little cleaning. In other cases, more detailed troubleshooting may occur.

In both cases, this article offers many solutions if your gas, propane, electric, solar, or heat pump cannot be turned on.

What If Your Pool Heater Cannot Be Turned On?

Check The Filter

Whatever type of heater you have, checking your filter is the best first step in solving your power problems. This is because your pool heating is highly dependent on a constant supply of water. If it doesn't get enough water and the pressure is high enough, it probably won't turn on at all. In this case, he, faithit will soon be deactivated.

If your pool system is free of blockages, water can flow freely through pipes at a stable pressure. This is exactly what a pool heater is supposed to do.

Check The Pool Pump

When you start up your heater for the first time, there is a small chance that your pump is not powerful enough to supply the water at the pressure your heater needs.

In most cases, this common problem is solved by switching to a variable speed pump. However, let's assume that this is only possible after working through the remaining tips in this article.

Check Setting Valves

Why does my pool heater keep shutting off?

Have you cleaned your filter? A dirty filter can cause low pressure and therefore disable the pressure switch in the heater. A dirty filter can prevent the heater and cause it to shut off before the water reaches the desired temperature.

Sounds obvious, but even if the valve is installed incorrectly, your heater may not receive water. And when it does, it certainly cannot be activated. So take another short walk through your pool equipment and make sure all valves that lead to the pool heater are open and moving.

Heating My Pool HEAT PUMP Cannot Be Activated | What To Do

troubleshooting pool heater problems

Solution: If your pool heat pump is not receiving the power required by the circuit breaker, it will not start at all. If the heat pump is already running and can no longer be turned on, the problem may be a damaged electrical connection.

How do I reset my pool heater?

Reset the circuit breaker for the pool heater. Put the system into standby mode from the control panel (usually by pressing and holding the up and down keys). Look for the error code (if you see a code such as bD or HF, it may indicate a gas problem and your system will not reboot. Problem solved)

Solution: As mentioned earlier, low water flow caused by a blockage in your pool system can prevent your water heater from turning on.

This is the part of the pool heater that transfers heat from the inside of the unit to the pool water. However, if it is dirty or corroded, it can cause a shutdown and sometimes prevent the device from turning on.

Unable To Turn On Pool Heating GAS | What To Do

Solution: Access to the gas supply follows the same logic as in the last step and check if the gas line valve is in the OPEN position.

*** The following 3 tips include workarounds that require the heater to be on. If you don't know how to proceed safely, we recommend calling a professional ****

This part is responsible for turn off the heater when it gets too hot. Most appliances have a switch near the heating sockets.

My Electrical Resistance Pool Heater Cannot Be Turned On What To Do

Like gas heaters, your electric heater thermostat must be set to a temperature equal to or higher than your water temperature.

If you recently filled your pool but forgot to turn off the electric heater during this time, it could be burned or damaged.

Solar Heating In My Pool Cannot Be Turned On. What To Do

Technically speaking, the solar pool heater cannot be turned on since the "heater" is basically solar panels / materials. However, it will still be powered by your pump.

Depending on the configuration of your solar pool heater, your pump may need to supply water to the roof and return it to the pool. In some cases, smaller pumps or worn-out basins may not be up to the task.

Closed Oreplay

If you've tried all of the above solutions but haven't yet come close to turning on the heater, it might be time for a replacement. If you are unsure of the final verdict and need security, professional industry advice can of course help.

However, if you own a pool heat pump, troubleshooting LIVE pool heaters may be the perfect solution for you. Especially if you are interested in DIY pool renovation.







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