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August 23, 2020 by Frank Maiden


Over the past week, some users have reported that they have restored their system without it. Click System. Select System Protection and go to the System Protection tab. Select the drive for which you want to check if System Restore is enabled (enabled or disabled) and click Configure. Make sure Restore system settings and previous versions of files is selected.



Several years ago, I was working as a freelance writer for a company trying to open up the American market for their little-known tangible products, and I needed an English-speaking one to optimize the text on their website. Everything was going fine until my second week of work when I went to the website - and all of a sudden I found some strange ads flashing on my screen and I could no longer access my security software. ,

What to do if System Restore does not work?

To work around the "System Restore failed" error, you can try running System Restore in Safe Mode:
  1. Restart your computer and press F8 until the Windows logo appears.
  2. Select Safe Mode and press Enter.
  3. After Windows boots up, open System Restore and follow the instructions in the wizard to continue.

I had to get rid of everything that went into my system. Hopefully without restarting your computer (and spending more time reinstalling all my applications and files). But I had an alternative: use System Restore.

What will I lose if I do a system restore?

While System Restore can modify all of your system files, updates, and Windows programs, it will not delete / delete or modify any of your personal files such as photos, documents, music, videos, and emails stored on your drive. hard. Even if you have uploaded several dozen photos and documents, the upload will not be canceled.

System Restore is a handy feature that allows you to take a kind of snapshot of your PC's software, registry, and drivers configuration at a specific point in time called a restore point. If necessary, you can restart your computer at this point. You may lose some of the work done since creationthis restore point, but you will also lose unwanted changes that may have been made without your permission.

system restore without

I haven't had much success with restore points in previous versions of Windows, but like many aspects of the operating system, System Restore has improved over the years. And it can be very handy in case of emergency.

Configure System Restore

Done! Please note that new restore points will only be created if, as Microsoft says, you "install a new application, driver, or Windows update." You can also follow the instructions above if you want to create a restore point manually. For example, if you want to experiment with your system. (There are ways to have your computer automatically create a restore point on every boot, but this requires working with your PC's registry. This article only covers the basics.)

Use A Restore Point

Is System Restore the same as factory reset?

Resetting your PC and performing a System Restore can be effective methods for restoring your PC to factory settings or earlier using your PC. Resetting your PC will restore factory settings. System Restore will restore your computer to an earlier period.

Let's say you just downloaded a new game that was distributing ads and other nunpleasant things. It's time to use a restore point to return to the time before this error.







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