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In this guide, we will look at several possible causes that can lead to ssf stv bios and then provide possible fixes to try to resolve this issue.

Name Latest Version Recommended
Pc / x86
Yabause 0.9.15 \ u2717
MAME 0,222 \ u2717
Nova 0.6 \ u2717



I Would Like To Submit A Compatibility Report. What Am I Doing Exactly

Test a few titles first to make sure the emulator works in ALL games before doing extensive testing. If the emulator is not working with the header, there is a problem that needs to be addressed before reporting anything. Ask for help on the bulletin board.

Once you are sure that the emulator is working (you have played some games successfully), we can get started. Download Saturn Region Patcher and unzip the .rar file to a location you can remember. The same directory as the emulator might be a good idea.

Now insert the first CD you want to test (or mount the image in your virtual drive), then run SRP-Exe (SRP3.0GE.EXE in the current version). However, if you have a newer version, it may be named slightly differently). Look under Select Saturn CD and select the drive letter where you just inserted / installed the Saturn CD. The header details should appear in a few seconds. Make sure that under Export data to text file l "Export full export" is selected and click "Export to file".

You can now close SRP and start the emulator. Take notes while reading the title. Simple things like graphics look good. Sound correct? Something seems to be somehow wrong? We don't need detailed details just to figure out what to expect when we launch the game ourselves.

ssf stv bios

If you think you've tested enough (the longer the better, but we don't expect you to finish every game before reporting as it will take forever), please log in. just go to the website and find the game you just tested. Click "Add New Test" in the list and fill out the form. Remember where you placed the complete Saturn Region Patcher export file for the game, as you will need to navigate there before submitting the report.

If you submit a report and then find it was wrong, fear not, you can edit your notes later. However, please do not modify the old reports that you created while testing the new version of the emulator, but send a new report. You should edit a hundredRare reports only if you are still using the same version of the emulator and find problems that you did not notice before.







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