Tips for resolving antivirus software problems

August 03, 2020 by Luca Yagan


If you have an antivirus program installed on your system, this user guide will help you fix it.

Microsoft's built-in antivirus software has been a huge success. While Windows Defender doesn't outperform Bitdefender or Kaspersky much in malware tests, it outperforms Avast, AVG, and most other free antivirus products, although it works almost entirely behind the scenes.



Free antivirus software can be risky, however - some are actually malware in disguise designed to steal your personal information and damage your computer. This is especially true for Windows as it is the most targeted and hacked operating system in the world. You can avoid being scammed by downloading only reliable high quality antivirus software.

While there is no unlimited “free antivirus”, each of these 5 free downloads offers a set of Internet security features for Windows 7, 8, and 10. All of these free downloads are better than Windows Defender, the standard protection included with Windows.

I checked every free Windows antivirus software I could find and evaluated them for malware detection, ease of use, and advanced cybersecurity features.

Yes, You Already Have A Free Antivirus On Your Computer, But That's Not Enough

Windows Defender is already installed on your Windows computer- as you can see from our recent review, this is a decent free antivirus. However, the problem with Windows Defender is that it isn't enough for cybersecurity and online protection, and Microsoft rarely updates it. To truly protect your computer, you need protection that you can only get with dedicated antivirus software.

There are some great free antivirus apps out there, but keep in mind that none of these free versions provide complete protection. It's not entirely safe to rely on the free version of a paid product.

These free versions do not restrict special features. In fact, many brands maintain a high level of security for paid users - including Malwarebytes and TotalAV

For example, Advanced Ransomware Protection is often a premium antivirus feature. Ransomware locks your computer or personal files and asks you to make a payment to unblock them. Being open to such serious attacks is risky, but the premiumAntivirus software almost always offers guaranteed ransomware protection.

However, the premium version of any of these products offers more security features than all the free versions combined.

How I Rated The Best Free Antivirus Software For Windows:

While many brands offer something for free, there is a big difference between quality and safety. Most of the so-called "free antivirus software" is just a virus scan. Some programs detect malware for free, but you need to pay to remove it. To rank in my top five, free Windows antivirus software should offer:

1. Panda Free Antivirus Is The Best Free Windows Antivirus

Panda Free Antivirus is lightweight, secure and easy to use. Everything is organized on the dashboard in an attractive and intuitive way. It's perfect for beginners who don't want to worry about a lot of advanced settings. Just open it up and let it run.

Panda can be alone of the least known brands on this list, but their virus scanner performed exceptionally well in my tests with 100% virus detection rate. The included firewall is also pretty powerful, blocking out more intruders than any other free antivirus I've tested, including Windows Firewall.

I really like the fact that Panda Free Antivirus has a virtual private network (VPN). I always recommend using a VPN when you are on a public Wi-Fi network. Not only is all your data available to the network administrator, but insecure Wi-Fi networks are known to be easy to hack. Panda VPN is free, but there is a data limit of 150 MB per day. It's good for surfing the internet and sending emails, but there isn't enough data for things like streaming or file sharing. You can only access unlimited VPN data with the Panda Dome Premium plan.


What are the best antivirus programs?

To keep you safe online, here are the best antivirus software of 2020:
  • Bitdefender.
  • Kaspersky.
  • Webroot.
  • Trend Micro.
  • Norton.
  • ESET.
  • AVG Technologies.
  • F-Secure.

Panda Free Antivirus is a powerful and easy-to-use antivirus that offers 100% free protection. It is one of the most intuitive antivirus programs on the market - advancedNo configuration required. VPN is powerful but limited to 150MB per day. If you want full VPN access and other advanced features like password manager, parental controls, and advanced malware detection, you'll need to upgrade. If not, Panda has a great free Windows antivirus.

2. Avira Free Antivirus - Best Free Antivirus Scanning Software

software antivirus program

Avira runs one of the most powerful cloud analytics engines in the world. This high-tech scanner is part of the free Avira antivirus suite. Lightweight antivirus software runs in the cloud. This means that most of the malware detection and analysis is not done on your PC.

First, this means Avira can detect viruses and malware much faster, as the database in the cloud is updated as soon as new malware is detected. Second, this means that Avira uses very few system resources, making it ideal for PCs with low performance or for users who use a lot.o CPU intensive applications.

Which is the best free antivirus?

Which free antivirus is better? We are currently choosing a free antivirus for the publisher Kaspersky Security Cloud Free, which achieved near-perfect results in recent testing. Avast Free includes useful bonuses not included with Kaspersky, including a password manager and network security scanner.

Because Avira is so powerful, you can use Avira Free Antivirus on older Windows computers without affecting performance. If your PC seems sluggish and sluggish at times when using apps, Avira is probably the best antivirus for you (and Avira Prime has some great tools for optimizing devices).

In addition to excellent virus protection, Avira's free plan also contains many additional security features for the Internet. For example, the Safe Shopping browser extension for Firefox and Chrome has two really important features: it protects against phishing attacks and it helps you find the best online purchases!


If you are looking for powerful protection against malware and other online security threats, Avira Free Antivirus is a good choice. As we saw in our full Avira review, it's cloud-based, so it's super lightweight - your PC's performance won't be affected at all. All additional features included in the free package are useful, valuable and really helpfulimprove the overall security of the Internet.

3. Sophos Home Free - Perfect For Parental Control

Sophos Home Free is a free antivirus suite that not only provides good protection against malware, but also allows families to protect their homes for free.

Sophos's free plan includes great parental controls - something that usually only comes with premium internet security packages like Norton 360 Deluxe. Sophos' web filtering tool helps users prevent children from accessing harmful websites, adult content, or certain websites that, for example, might not be suitable for young children. B. some social networks.

Sophos Home Free also includes real-time anti-malware protection and an internet security browser extension that blocks phishing sites. When I tested the browser extension, Sophos correctly identified all the phishing sites I wanted to access. With the extension, I was unable to access these unsafe sites.

You can installFree version of Sophos for 3 devices. This is very generous with a free product. However, if you want to cover more devices (up to 10), you need to upgrade to Sophos Home Premium.


Sophos is a great option for parents who want peace of mind when their kids are surfing the Internet. This free internet security package includes real-time malware protection, which is not included in most free antivirus software. Although Sophos Home Free supports up to 3 devices, you should upgrade to Sophos Home Premium if you need more devices (and some additional features).

4. Kaspersky Security Cloud (free) - Ideal For Adding Features

Kaspersky Security Cloud - Free is an impressive free antivirus suite. It contains Kaspersky's cloud-based malware scanning engine, which intercepted 100% of the threats that I presented in my testing.

Security Cloud not only scans for malware, performs a system cleanup, and uses proactive scans to prevent new threats, but also provides complete setPersonal data protection with VPN, password manager and scanning. from the dark web.

The VPN is pretty good - it didn't slow down my computer that much and allowed me to open geo-restricted streaming content on servers around the world. Sadly, the daily limit is 200MB, but that's better than the daily data of 150MB on Panda's free VPN.

The limitation of the password manager is slightly worse - only 15 individual connections can be registered, which is not enough for most users. However, if you have 15 logins that are your top priority, Password Manager will generate extremely complex passwords and automatically fill them in for an extra layer of security.

Dark Web Scanner is simple yet effective. After he gave me the necessary records, he regularly checked the database under the heading "I've already been"

What is the best antivirus software 2020?

You have a variety of options. Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Bitdefender Antivirus Plus regularly get excellent or near-perfect results in independent antivirus testing laboratories. With one McAfee AntiVirus Plus subscription, you can install protection on all Windows, Android, Mac OS, and iOS devices.







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