Best Way to Get Rid of Invalid SAP Partner

August 23, 2020 by Leslie Edison


You may notice an error stating that the account number of the SAP business partner type is not valid. There are several ways to solve this problem, and we will talk about this a little later. A business partner profile is the definition of parameters for electronic data interchange with a business partner via the IDoc interface. To communicate with a partner through the IDoc interface, you must create a partner profile. In the SAP user interface, select Tools, Sales Information, IDoc Database, and Partner Profile.



How do I activate my partner profile in SAP?

How to create an affiliate profile
  1. In the SAP R / 3 System Start window, enter WE20 in the command field and click Next to display the Partner Profile: Initial Screen.
  2. Enter the name of the logical system you created earlier in the Partner Number field, select LS as the partner type and choose Create.

You are working with an SAP Business One database that has been updated from a version earlier than 2007.
You open the "Business Partner Master Data" window and try to update all details of a specific third party. You receive the following error message: Invalid XXX account.
BP could not be updated.

The reason for this issue is that the wrong account was assigned to the third party. This means: a customer who has been assigned accounts payable or a vendor who has accounts receivable.
In previous versions, any account code could be defined for various receivables / payables fields via DI / DTW. Since 2007, there is a validation for these fields. For this reason, it is not possible to update a third party. In addition, it is no longer possible to define an account code for the various receivables / payables fields.
DI / DTW may not be the only source for updating these fields.

- Select clients and / or prospects
c3. *
crd3 c3 internal connection ocrd o1 to c3.cardcode = o1.cardcode
internalold link oact o2 to c3.acctcode = o2. acctcode
where (c3.accttype in ('A', 'P', 'Y') or (C3.accttype in ('D', 'O') and o2.groupmask = 2))
and (o1.cardtype = 'C' or o1.cardtype = 'L')

sap partner number of account type is invalid

- For
suppliers, select c3. *
crd3 c3 inner link ocrd o1 to c3.cardcode = o1.cardcode
inner link oact o2 to c3.acctcode = o2.acctcode
where (c3.accttype = 'R' or (C3. accttype in ('D', 'O') and o2.groupmask = 1))
and o1.cardtype = 'S'

How many types of IDOC are there in SAP?

Post type IDOC Type Description
FINSTA FINSTA01 bank statement
GSVERF GSVERF01 Self-Billing Procedure

By using the update request, you agree to the terms of liability described in the following disclaimer:
If you disagree with a disclaimer, please contact support to investigate your issue in more detail.







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