Is there a way to fix repeated error 67?

August 12, 2020 by Jimmie Bourn



Over the past few days, some of our users have reported that they encountered a recurring error 67.

This issue occurs when one of the following conditions is true: The networking components on the domain controller are not configured correctly. You have not updated the network drivers on the domain controller, or the drivers do not work with Microsoft Windows Server 2003.



I have configured a lot of batch files with RoboCopy. Should you open the CMD prompt and Robocopy /? You can see all the options with their meaning:

source :: Source directory (drive: \ path or \\ server \ share \ path).
target :: target directory (drive: \ path or \\ server \ share \ path).
File :: File (s) to copy (name / placeholder: standard is "*. *").

:: Copy options:
/ S :: Copy subdirectories, but do not clear them.
/ E :: Copy subdirectories, including empty ones.
/ LEV: n :: Copy only the first n LEVELS of the original directory tree.

/ Z :: Copy files in restart mode.
/ B :: Copy files in backup mode.
/ ZB :: Use restart mode; If access is denied, use the backup mode.
/ EFSRAW :: Copy all encrypted files in EFS RAW mode.

/ COPY: copyflag [s] :: which files to copy (default / COPY: DAT).
(copyflags: D = data, A = attributes, T = timestamp).
(S. = Security = NTFS ACL, O = Owner Information, U = Processing Information).

/ SEC :: Copy files with SECurity (corresponds to / COPY: DATS).
/ COPYALL :: COPY ALL information file (corresponds to / COPY: DATSOU).
/ NOCOPY :: COPY NO file info (useful with / PURGE).

/ SECFIX :: FIX File Security for all files, including skipped ones.
/ TIMFIX :: FIX file TIMES for all files, even skipped files.

/ PURGE :: Remove target files / directories that are no longer in the source.
/ MIR :: MIR error in directory tree (matches / E plus / PURGE).

/ MOV :: MOVe files (remove from source after copying).
/ MOVE :: MOVE files AND directories (remove from source after copying).

/ A +: [RASHCNET] :: Add specified attributes to copied files.
/ A -: [RASHCNET] :: Removes the specified attributes from copied files.

/ CREATE :: CREATE directory tree and only zero-length files.
/ FAT :: Create target files with only FAT 8.3 file names.
/ 256 :: disable support for very long paths (> 256 characters).

retry error 67

/ MON: n :: Source MONitor; Run again if more than n changes are displayed.
/ MOT: m :: Source MONitor; Start again in m minutes. The time has changed.

/ RH: hhmm-hhmm :: runtime - hours at which new copies can be started.
/ PF :: Check execution time for a file (not for launch).

/ MT[: n] :: Make multithreaded copies with n threads (default 8).
n must be at least 1 and no more than 128.
This option is incompatible with the / IPG and / EFSRAW options.
Redirect output with / LOG option to improve performance

:: File selection options:
/ A :: Copies only files with the "Archive" attribute.
/ M :: Only files with the "Copy" attribute. Check the attribute and reset it.
/ IA: [RASHCNETO] :: Include only files with one of the specified attributes.
/ XA: [RASHCNETO] :: Excludes files with any of the specified attributes.

/ XC :: Exclude changed files.
/ XN :: Exclude new files.
/ XO :: exclude old files.
/ XX :: eXclude eXtra files and directories.
/ XL :: Exclude lonely files and directories.
/ IS :: Include the same files.
/ IT :: Include optimized files.

/ MAX: n :: MAX Maximum file size - excludes files larger than n bytes.
/ MIN: n :: MINIMUM file size - excludes files less than n bytes in size.

/ MAXAGE: n :: MAXimum file AGE - excludes files older than n days / date.
/ MINAGE: n :: Minimum file age - excludes files that are newer than n days / date.
/ MAXLAD: n :: MAXimum Last Access Date - Excludes files that have not been used since n.
/ MINLAD: n :: Minimum last access date - excludes files that have been used since n.
(If n <1900, then n = n days, otherwise n = date YYYYMMDD).

/ FFT :: Takes a FAT file time (granularity 2 seconds).
/ DST :: Compensation for hourly differences in summer time.

/ XJD :: Exclude directory mount points.
/ XJF :: Exclude connection points for files.

:: Retry options:
/ R: n :: Number of unsuccessful copy attempts: standard 1 million.
/ W: n :: Time to wait between attempts: default 30 seconds.

:: Logging options:
/ L :: List only - do not copy, do not timestamp, or delete files.
/ X :: Report all eXtra files, not just the selected ones.
/ V :: Generate verbose output, show skipped files.
/ TS :: Include the timestamp of the source file in the output.
/ FP :: Full paths to files in the output.
/ BYTE :: Print sizes in bytes.

/ NS :: No size - does not register file sizes.
/ NC :: No class - do not log classes protocol .
/ NFL :: No file list - the file does not record names.
/ NDL :: No Directory List - Does not register directory names.

/ NP :: No progress - does not show the percentage of copied files.
/ ETA :: Show the approximate arrival time of the copied files.

/ LOG: File :: Output status to LOG file (overwrite existing log).
/ LOG +: File :: Output state in LOG file (add to existing log).

/ UNILOG: File :: Displays the status of the LOG file in UNICODE (overwrites the existing log).
/ UNILOG +: File :: Output status in log file as UNICODE (add to existing log).

/ NJH :: No issue header.
/ NJS :: No job summary.

:: Job Parameters:
/ JOB: Job Name :: Get settings from the specified JOB file.
/ SAVE: Job name :: SAVE parameters in a job file named
/ QUIT :: QUIT after command line processing (to display parameters).

/ NOSD :: NO specified source directory.
/ NODD :: NO The specified target directory.
/ IF :: Include the following files.







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