Best Way to Remove Motherboard and BIOS

July 21, 2020 by Leslie Edison


It is worth reading these troubleshooting guidelines if you encounter a motherboard and BIOS error on your computer.

There are two different types of BIOS:
  • UEFI BIOS (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Every modern PC has a UEFI BIOS.
  • Legacy BIOS (Basic Input / Output System) - Older motherboards have older BIOS firmware to power the PC.


    BIOS stands for Basic Input / Output System and is a simple piece of software that allows the operating system to communicate with your computer's hardware. Sometimes you may need to update your BIOS to enable new features, improve compatibility with a specific device, or fix some bugs.

    What Is BIOS?

    BIOS is the first piece of software your computer starts up when you turn it on, and you usually see it as a small flash of white text on a black screen. It initializes the hardware and provides the operating system with an abstraction layer so that it no longer needs to figure out the exact details of how to handle devices.

    motherboard and bios

    The BIOS also performs a power-on self-test (POST), which detects, initializes, and catalogs all connected devices and provides an interface to invoke. The operating system is also loaded into RAM from a boot device. If you have bad memory, your computer will not start after POST,until you delete it.

    From a technical point of view, BIOS is firmware embedded in a small chip, commonly called CMOS (Supplemental Metal Oxide Semiconductor) or EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory). Different BIOS implementations offer different features, eg. B. Ability to overclock processors and control fan speed.

    From time to time, the computer or motherboard manufacturer may release BIOS updates to add new features, improve functionality, and fix bugs. For example, when Broadwell-E processors came out, ASUS released a BIOS update for older X99 motherboards (which originally supported Haswell-E processors) that made them compatible with the new processors. You can update your laptop's BIOS if you want to overclock the processor (however, this may void your warranty).

    How To Update BIOS

    While the specifics depend on the manufacturer of your computer or motherboard, there are three main steps to updating the BIOS:

    Step 0: Createback Up Your Files

    Protect your computer! It goes without saying, but the first thing to do is create a backup of all the data that you have on your computer. Any errors during the update process may make the computer unable to start. So make sure all your files are stored on an external device.

    When updating the BIOS on a laptop, make sure the battery is fully charged and connected to a charger. If you refresh the desktop and a power failure occurs, an unused computer remains. We recommend using a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) - essentially a backup battery for desktop computers.

    You also want to back up your current BIOS. Some BIOS updates include the option, while others do not. It is recommended that you create a backup if you run into any problems during the upgrade process. Some BIOS versions have this option in the user interface. Free options are also available online. Try them at your own risk.

    Step 1. WireCheck Your Current BIOS Version

    It would be ridiculous to start updating your BIOS just to find out you already have the latest version. Unless you are an experienced user and are not switching to an open source or third-party BIOS, you should check your current BIOS version before starting.

    The easiest way to do this is with the System Information Tool. To access this tool, open the Run window and type msinfo32. Just type msinfo32 into the search bar on the Start menu, or simply search for system information. BIOS information can be found directly below the processor information.

    Step 2. Checking For Updates

    Most PC manufacturers publish their BIOS files on their websites. If you've built your own computer, visit your motherboard manufacturer's website. You need to know the exact model. If you forget about it, search Newegg (or elsewhere) for receipts. Otherwise, you can download CPU-Z and you will be notified.

    What are the four functions of a BIOS?

    Main BIOS functions:
    • POST OFFICE. The first and most important function of the BIOS is to make sure that the computer hardware is working properly and that there are no hardware problems.
  • Run. After POST completes, the BIOS searches and identifies the operating system.
  • BIOS driver.
  • BIOS setup.

  • If you have a pre-made laptop or desktop computer The System Information Tool in Step 1 will also tell you about the make and model of your computer. This is necessary to find the relevant downloads on the support page of the manufacturer's website. It is usually located in the same area as the downloads for user manuals and drivers.

    Step 3: Update BIOS

    Most BIOS files come with readme files. Be sure to read this! They list changes from the previous version (commonly referred to as a changelog), compatibility issues, and instructions.

    If the BIOS file is an EXE file, updating the BIOS is very simple: close all other programs and run the EXE file. It will install a new BIOS and restart your computer.

    Some manufacturers have a different process. You need to download the downloaded BIOS files to an external USB drive and plug them in. Restart your computer and enter BIOS. When your computer restarts, white text should briefly appear on a black screen (possibly with a logo) indicating the key you must press to enter BIOS.

    It's easyIgnore, but usually these are F1, F2, F11, Esc or Delete. It may take several tries to get the keys and timing correctly. Finally, you should go to the Tools / Update section of the BIOS (using your keyboard). For example, for ASUS motherboards, the ASUS EZ Flash utility can be found under the Tools tab. MSI calls this the M-FLASH option. Select the BIOS file on the USB stick and press Enter. The process may be different for other BIOS implementations, but should be the same. Your computer will be updated and then rebooted.







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