Various Ways to Suppress Remote Code Execution of Microsoft Windows Print Spooler

August 22, 2020 by Frank Maiden


Hopefully, if you have Windows Print Spooler Remote Execution on your system, this user manual can help you.

A remote code execution vulnerability exists where the Windows Print Spooler service incorrectly checks printer drivers when installing a printer from servers. An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could exploit it to execute arbitrary code and take control of an affected system.



microsoft windows print spooler remote code execution

Windows Printing The spooler contains an uncontrolled buffer that may allow remote control The intruder gains complete control over the vulnerable system.

Error in method Windows Phone service processes data and performs validation can allow a remote attacker to take full control of the victim System.

What is a Windows print spooler?

Software in Microsoft Windows that is responsible for managing all print jobs that are currently being sent to a computer printer or print server. The spooler software allows the user to delete a processed print job or otherwise manage print jobs that are currently waiting to be printed.

Windows plugin and The playback subsystem contains an uncontrolled buffer that allows remote control The intruder gains complete control over the vulnerable system.

How do I turn on the Print Spooler in Windows?

2. How to manually stop and start the print spooler
  1. Click the Start button and select Run.
  2. At the command prompt, type net stop spooler and press Enter to stop the print spooler.
  3. At the command prompt, type net start spooler and press Enter to start the print spooler.

Microsoft has released Security Bulletin MS05-043, "Vulnerability The spooler service may allow remote code execution (896423) , " and the corresponding fix to resolve the print spooler issue Service

Microsoft has released Security Bulletin MS05-040, " Vulnerability telephone service can allow remotecode execution (893756) , " and a related patch to fix the telephony problem Service.

Microsoft has released Security Bulletin MS05-039, " Vulnerability in plug and play can allow remote code execution and promotion Privilege (899588) ", and a related fix to fix the plug and play issue Subsystem.


Kostya Kortchinsky from CERT RENATER reported vulnerability in print Spooler and telephony; Neil Mehta from ISS X-Force reported plug and play subsystem vulnerability; Jean Baptiste Herve Schauer Consultants Merchant worked with Microsoft on issues connected to the plug-and-play subsystem.







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