Troubleshooting Tips for Core Data End Page Errors

August 23, 2020 by Steven Colson


This guide will help you in case of a kernel data-side error.

Kernel panic (sometimes abbreviated as KP) is a security measure that the operating system kernel takes when it detects a catastrophic internal failure that cannot be safely repaired or the system cannot continue to operate without a much higher risk of data loss.



Hello, it's me again. I must have spent my Christmas break before I had time to offer any of the above suggestions.

I downloaded the Media Creation Tool and it started booting to the USB stick. Unfortunately, when I was a teenager, when Windows 10 started up, a blue screen appeared and my computer was "fixed". Now I cannot start over. Always tell me something wrong, [I scanned the USB driver, it works fine and everything should be fine.] But I get the following message again:

“There was a problem starting the installation. Close the tool, restart your computer and try running the tool again. "

kernel data endpage error

Well, that doesn't work either. Tried it three times as if the problem magically disappeared. To say that it is upsetting is to say nothing. The blue screen scenario multiplies every day. Here are some of the reasons I named it:

How do I fix a kernel error?

Fix # 4: Clean Start
  1. Start Windows.
  2. Click Start and type msconfig in the search box, or open Run> type msconfig.
  3. Hit Enter.
  4. Go to the General tab.
  5. Activate the Selective startup radio button.
  6. Uncheck Load startup items.
  7. Go to the Services tab.
  8. Select the Hide all Microsoft services check box.

Also, my DSL provider (ATT) informed me that I was using my monthly data limit exceeding 150GB! I've never done this before and my business hasn't changed. Thosethe nickname I spoke to said his personal computer also gives him blue screens and reboot yourself. Is this related to major updates from Microsoft? This becomes a real problem for me.

What causes kernel security check failure?

The kernel security check error can be caused by a conflict with the installed software. In addition, if your computer is experiencing memory problems, virus infection, driver incompatibility or obsolescence issues, corrupted Windows system files, and hard drive errors, you may receive a "Stop code security check error" message. kernels.

Here's an update on the download issue. I realized that this was a one-off case, so I uninstalled the Media Creation Tool and downloaded it again. It worked this time and now I have a W-10 on my stick, but I don't know how to do it. IN I wonder if I reinstall the W-10, the problems disappear or remain? I've never done a clean install on an existing operating system before. I'm not sure what to expect. I just have a lot of questions. Thanks for the help. I don't think I will continue until I hear from one of you. :-)







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