iPod Touch and Troubleshooting

August 03, 2020 by Steven Colson


If you see an iPod error message and an error message on your PC, consider these repair ideas.

  1. First, try turning iPod touch off and on again.
  2. Then try resetting iPod touch by holding the Sleep / Wake button and the Home button until the Apple logo appears.



If your iPod won't turn on, especially if it hasn't been used recently, the battery may be dead. Connect iPod Touch to your computer or power adapter and check what's going on. Ideally, your iPod will recognize that it is connected to a power source and charge the battery. If the battery can no longer be charged, it should be replaced with a spare battery.

Nothing can happen because the display is bad. If the battery works fine, but you can't see anything, the screen might be defective and you need to replace it .

If the display and battery are not the culprit, finally check all the display connections to the motherboard. If they are plugged in correctly and still lacking lifespan, the motherboard will probably need to be replaced . Check out our selection of logic boards in our parts warehouse!

The touch screen may be defective. In this case, you need replace the front panel (including touchscreen and digitizer) ,

How do you reset and iPod touch?

Enable secure boot menu in F8 mode in window 10
  1. Click the "Start" button and select "Settings".
  2. Select Update & Security \ Recovery.
  3. In the Advanced Startup section, click Restart Now.
  4. Then select Troubleshoot \ Advanced options \ u2192 Startup options \ u2192 Restart.
  5. Your computer will restart and the Startup Options menu will open.

iPod Touch turns on and seems to work. However, if you connect headphones or speakers, the sound will not play correctly.

How do you fix an unresponsive iPod touch screen?

Enable secure boot menu in F8 mode in window 10
  1. Click the "Start" button and select "Settings".
  2. Select Update & Security \ Recovery.
  3. In the Advanced Startup section, click Restart Now.
  4. Then select Troubleshoot \ Advanced options \ u2192 Startup options \ u2192 Restart.
  5. Your computer will restart and the Startup Options menu will open.

It's unlikely that your headphones or speakers are defective, but it's worth starting to troubleshoot them as the cause of your problem. Try using iPod Touch with a different pair of headphones or speakers to see if the problem is with your iPod Touch.

Poor audio output is the most likely reason for iPod Touch audio problems. Unfortunately, the audio jack is soldered to the main board. To install a new audio jack, must replace all logic card

It's not often that Apple gives specific instructions on how to fix your problem! Restoring your iPod Touch will erase everything on it. Therefore, make sure everything is stored elsewhere on the iPod Touch before restoring. To restore, connect iPod Touch to the computer with the latest installed My version of iTunes. When your contact appears in the device menu, click on the restore option under the Summary tab. If you haven't backed up your data yet, select the backup option from the pop-up window. Click the "Restore" button to restore the factory specifications.

If your iPod Touch freezes with the Apple logo, or has some other software issue that makes iTunes not recognize it, you can put it into recovery / recovery mode and then use iTunes to recover the software.

With the unit turned off, connect one end of the USB cable to iPod Touch and leave the other end unplugged. Press and hold the Home button while connecting the USB cable to your computer. After 5-10 seconds, the iPod Touch should display a “Please Connect to iTunes” image and iTunes will ask you to restore the software. Follow the directions and instructions above.

When the device is turned on, press and hold the Power button and the Home button until the device restarts and displays The “Connect to iTunes” image (usually 5 to 15 seconds).

ipod touch and troubleshooting

If you try to reconnect and the diagnostics do not solve the problem, the problem is probably logic board which needs to be replaced .

Does iPod Touch have reset button?

Enable secure boot menu in F8 mode in window 10
  1. Click the "Start" button and select "Settings".
  2. Select Update & Security \ Recovery.
  3. In the Advanced Startup section, click Restart Now.
  4. Then select Troubleshoot \ Advanced options \ u2192 Startup options \ u2192 Restart.
  5. Your computer will restart and the Startup Options menu will open.







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