Best Way to Fix Fake Microsoft Antivirus Removal Problems

August 23, 2020 by Steven Colson


Report the incident to Microsoft Technical Support, report the unsolicited call to TPS. If you lost money, please report it to Action Fraud and read our guide that can help you get your money back after a scam.



How do I get rid of fake antivirus pop up?

How to remove fake pop-ups
  1. Download and install Kaspersky Anti-Virus.
  2. Disconnect from the Internet to avoid further interference from adware.
  3. Restart your computer in.
  4. Remove all temporary files with Disk Cleanup
  5. Run an on-demand scan in Kaspersky Anti-Virus.
  6. If any adware is found, remove or quarantine it.

Microsoft Security Essentials false alarm is a Trojan horse that Try to fool yourself into saying that you are infected so you can install and buy one of 5 bad guys Antivirus programs that it distributes. If the Trojan works, it Masquerade as a warning against legitimate Windows Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus program. This warning is called Microsoft Security. Essentials alert and indicates that a Trojan has been detected on your computer. This Trojan is listed as Win32 / Unknown Trojan and its status that it is a serious infection. You will then be asked to clean your computer Use the program to remove it. When you click Clear This is indicated on the button "Apply computer" or "Actions" It cannot be deleted and then prompts you to scan online. If you click Scan online button lists of 35 different antivirus programs Programs, of which 30 are legitimate antivirus programs and 5 are bad guys that the Trojan was distributing. These five malicious programs:

fake microsoft antivirus removal

In this fake online scan Only the 5 fake antivirus programs listed above are scanned. discovers that this alleged Trojan is an infection. He does it to scare you You click the "Free Installation" button next to installs malware on your computer and then reboots the computer. It should be noted that Red Cross Antivirus, Peak Protection 2010, Pest Detector 4.1, Major Defense Kit, AntiSpySafeguard, ThinkPoint and AntiSpy Safeguard What this Trojan distributes is exactly the same. You're just different Names and various graphical user interfaces. You can see photos of each of villains above below.

After restarting the computer, the selected thief will automatically Start your computer and run a fake scan. When it's done it's okay Point out that many files can be cleaned up, but some cannot Files such as iexplore.exe until the program is purchased. During the race This program also terminates many programs when you try to start them. and display a message that they are infected. This message:

As you can see, this Trojan horse was created tos make you believe that you infected, so you can download and install one of their rogue antivirus programs Programs. If you are tricked by an installed Trojan horse and Red Cross antivirus, Peak Protection 2010, Pest Detector 4.1, Basic Protection Kit, ThinkPoint, AntiSpySafeguard, or AntiSpy Safeguard then don't buy it for any reason. If you already have If you have purchased any of these programs, I highly recommend that you apply to your credit Card companies deny allegations of fraud and computer viruses. Finally, remove the false Microsoft Security Essentials alert and related Villains, please use the removal instructions below.







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