Troubleshooting Tips UNC 5 Sectors on LBA

August 23, 2020 by Billy Manning


Over the past week, some users have encountered a known 5 sectors error code on lba. This problem occurs for several reasons. Let's discuss some of them below.

UNC Error The error message tells us that an error called UNC has occurred with this LBA. UNC is short for UNCorrectable. This means that the data read from this LBA's hard drive was corrupted and could not be repaired. In other words, ECC data and the data itself are mixed.



In almost all cases, this value is 512 bytes. So in this example the byte offset would be 26620672 * 512 = 13629784064 = 12.69 GiB . In some cases, it can be useful to look up this address in a tool such as GParted to determine which section the error occurred on. See also this Smartmontools HOWTO for details on this process.

UNC Error

Now the error message tells us that there was an error with this LBA called UNC . UNC is short for UNCorrectable. This means that the data read from this LBA's hard drive was corrupted and could not be repaired.

Hard drives not only store your data themselves, they also automatically calculate a so-called Error Correction Code (ECC). While there are many subtypes of these math codes, they have one common aspect: multiple bytes (e.g. stored on disk) that can be easily corrupted (i.e., say 0 bit is now -1 bit or vice versa) and the corresponding code ECC (which consists of a few extra bytes), a suitable decoder can recover the limitedthe number of bit errors. In most cases, ECC codes can also detect errors. For example, a particular ECC code can correct a 2-byte bit flip, but it can recognize up to three 2-byte bit flips.

If there are more bit reversals than ECC can recover (but not more than it can detect), the result is a fatal UNC error. If there are more bit reversals than the ECC can detect, the following can occur: Typically, the data computed with ECC is corrupted or no error is detected.

Please note that this explanation is very simplistic. For example, ECC codes are not stored as separate data bytes, but a mathematical function is calculated from the data. The result is a set of bytes that is larger than the original record, and the data itself and the patch contain additional data. In other words, the ECC data and the data itself are mixed.

This has several implications for interpretation. First, it means that the data can be physically read, but it doesn't look correct. This means

Other Messages About Errors

In fact, even if you are a hard drive professional, there will be few such errors. Some of these errors, such as MC , MCR , or NM , are also related to hot swapping the hard drive and are not necessarily related to errors. to hard drive Manage your health yourself.

An important error is ICRC - interface CRC error. This means that errors will be detected on the IDE / SATA or PCIe bus that the hard drive is connected to. While this is rare and likely caused by the hard drive itself, it could mean that your chipset (such as the hardware that drives SATA) is damaged. In this case, replacing the hard drive will not solve the problem. There may also be an intermittent cable connection.

How Serious Are These Errors?

During the life of most hard drives, especially consumer models, errors occur - most often with portable devices, which tend to have high acceleration forces.

What separates a good hard drive at the end of its life from a hard drive (excluding those coming out of Troy without warning) is often the frequency of new failures. If you look at the overall lifespan of a hard drive; H. Power_On_Hours or similar:

In this case 7257 , you can see that more than a thousand hours have elapsed since the last error. This indicates that there is no mechanical failure that could destroy the hard drive, but rather bad or bad sectors. UNC errors do not even necessarily mean that sectors are physically damaged.

Hard disk errors often occur when files are viewed infrequently (eg archived video files that are only opened every few years). If, for whatever reason, there are enough bit flips in these files, this can result in more disk errors occurring simultaneously.

Although this number is not displayed for all hard drives, a very large or rapidly increasing number indicates a physical problem with the hard drive. Issues that only affect a few bad sectors result in a sudden spike in the error countok, but after that. However, please note that there may be other reasons for a large number of errors, for example: B. Poor or intermittent physical connection to the hard disk.

error unc 5 sectors at lba







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