Troubleshooting Tips for Calorimetry Labs

August 23, 2020 by Luca Yagan


In this guide, we are going to find out some of the possible causes that can lead to errors in a calorimetry lab, and then suggest possible solutions to this problem. The assumption that no heat loss occurs in the calorimetric experiment is a systematic error when using a polystyrene cup as a calorimeter. Thus, the measured value of heat release from water is always too low. If an acceptable value is available for an experimentally determined result, the percentage error can be calculated.




Energy Transfer Measurement

Energy can be released during chemical reactions in the form of light, sound or electrical energy. However, most often it is released as thermal energy. Thus, we can easily measure the amount of energy transferred.


What is an experimental error in a lab?

No physical quantity can be measured with complete confidence; Errors always occur with every measurement. Experimental error is the difference between a measured value and a true value, or between two measured values. The very error of an experiment is measured by its accuracy and precision.

The diagram on the right shows a very simple calorimetric experiment to measure the thermal energy released when fuel is burned.

What are the possible sources of error in a bomb calorimetry experiment?

Sources of error include percentage error in water measurement and incomplete evaporation of nichrome wire. The internal volume of the Parr bomb was 341 ml.

Alcohol burner with fuel is usually weighed before and after the experiment. Thus, the mass of the burned fuel can be determined.

What are possible errors in a lab?

Test Subject Types. Errors generally fall into three categories: systematic errors, random errors, and errors. Systematic errors can be attributed to identified causes and are usually recoverable.

Heat loss and / or heat dissipation is minimized by using a cover to make the calorimeter as bright as possible and leave the equipment behind.

Honest Testing

When comparing different fuels, it is important to conduct a thorough test. All variables must remain constant, including:

More reliable results can be obtained by repeating the experiment several times. The biggest source of calorimetry errors is usually loss of energy.Heat to the environment. This can be reduced by insulating the sides of the calorimeter and installing a cover.

Energy Transfer Calculation

The amount of energy transferred from the burning fuel to the calorimeter's water can be calculated if you know:

With a certain amount of heated water, the higher the temperature, the greater the amount of heat energy transferred to the water. For example, twice as much energy is transferred to water to raise the temperature by 20 ° C compared to 10 ° C.

Compare Fuels

You can compare fuels by measuring the mass of the fuel burned during the experiment. The best fuel probably produces the most energy per gram of fuel. This is fixed with:

Whether the reaction is endothermic or exothermic in general depends on the difference between the energy required to break bonds and the energy released when new bonds are formed.

Calculation Of The Transmitted Energy

It is useful to remember that 1 cm 3 of water has a mass of 1 g, and 1 m 3 of water has a mass of 1000 kg.

It is also useful to remember that 1 kilojoule, 1 kJ, is equal to 1000 J.the consumed energy is 8.4 kJ.

error in calorimetry lab







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