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September 04, 2020 by Logan Reynolds


If your computer displays a measurement error message while parsing the errors, consider these suggested solutions. In some cases, measurement can be so difficult that an error of 10% or more is acceptable. In other cases, a 1% error may be too high. Most high school and introductory teachers make a 5% error. However, this is only a guideline.



What Is Error Analysis?

As part of a scientific experiment, you need to find out the temperature of a glass filled with water. How does it work? Perhaps you can put the thermometer in a glass, look at it, and record the temperature. It's a good idea, but is it enough?

Should I measure it more than once? How do you know if your measurements are "good"? To answer these questions, you need to understand failure analysis, which includes determining the accuracy and precision of a measurement.

Accuracy And Precision

You can use error analysis to determine the accuracy and precision of a measurement. In science, these words have a very specific meaning.

If you measured the length of a pencil three times and got four inches each time, your measurements will be very accurate.

Of course, you want all your measurements to be as accurate and accurate as possible, but the accuracy and precision are NOT the same, and you can take one without the other.

Suppose you repeat a measurement several times and each time you get a different value. Your results will be inaccurate, butyou will find that the average is very close to the true value, so your measurements will be accurate.

A measurement can also be accurate, but not accurate if you get the same value over and over again, but not close to the actual value.

Sources Of Errors

What are errors in measurement?

Measurement error (also called observation error) is the difference between a measured value and its true value. It contains both random errors (natural errors that can be expected in any experiment) and systematic errors (caused by a poorly calibrated instrument that affects all measurements).

Every time you take a measurement, there is always the possibility of error. Experimental error falls into two general categories: system error and random error.

System errors are errors caused by a bad disk. This includes instruments that are difficult to read, instruments that are incorrectly calibrated, and instruments that are used incorrectly. System errors usually result in accurate but inaccurate measurements because the device can give the same result every time, even if the result is inaccurate.

error analysis measurement

To reduce the number of system errors, make sure you are using the device correctly, that it is calibrated and working correctly. For example, if you are trying to read the temperature on a thermometer, make sure your eyes are at level The top of the liquid to get an accurate reading. If you look at this from above, you are likely to make a mistake called parallax error, which is caused by looking at the sensor from an angle.

Unlike system errors, random errors are caused by unpredictable and uncontrollable factors that can affect perception. Random errors are inevitable, but you can reduce the effect of random errors by taking multiple measurements and averaging. Thus, even if random errors result in poor precision in your measurements, they can still be accurate when averaging multiple values.

Calculate The Error Percentage

Now that we know the different types of errors and several ways to correct or compensate for them, let's see how to accurately determine the accuracy of your measurements. When you know the true value of what you want to measure, you can calculate the percentage error to get a number that indicates your accuracy.

To find the percentage error, first average all your measurements. Then find the difference between your environment.And true value. Finally, divide this difference by the actual value and multiply by 100 to get the percentage.

Have you seen such characters (|) on the sides of the counter? They tell you to take the absolute value of the counter. This means that it must always be positive. You will NEVER get a negative percentage error.

Water Temperature Measurement

Let's go back to the problem of measuring water temperature and see if we can analyze the errors of your measurements. You measure the temperature three times and you get the following values ​​(in degrees Celsius): 34.5, 34.6, 34.4.







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