Troubleshooting Steps for DVR Video Codec Problem

September 03, 2020 by Anthony Middleton


In some cases, your system may display the dvr video codec message. There can be many reasons for this problem.

Comparison of video codecs - size, quality and speed
Codec size Description
H264 (High 4: 4: 4 lossless) 217MB Lossless video codec Much less than YV12 or RGB24
Xvid 52.9 MB Best codec for most users
MPEG-1 38.8 MB Better compression ratio than Xvid
Motion JPEG 420MB Best Codec for Video Editing Software



What Is Video Compression?

Video Compression uses a codec to analyze your video files to reduce or remove unnecessary files. This will reduce the size of your video files so you can store more video on the NVR's hard drive or the camera's microSD card.

There are two main types of compression, H.264 and MJPEG, while MPEG4 is an older version. Almost all IP security cameras have a video compression codec.

How Video Compression Works

To compress files, the codec looks for unnecessary files or images that can be compressed or deleted without affecting the final version of the video. This process is performed automatically by your security camera. However, you can often choose the type of video compression and the video compression level:

How do I open a 264 video file?

Step 2: Launch VLC Media Player and click "Options" in the "Tools" menu. Step 3: Click “All” to display all settings and select “H264 Video Demuxer” under “Input / Codecs”> “Demuxer”> “Demux Module”. Then click the "Save" button. Step 4: Now you can open and view H.264 files in VLC media player.

For cameras with multiple video streams, your camera can also use multiple video compression codecs or different compression levels. This allows you to set up a live stream for mobile viewing, one stream for live viewing, and one stream for long-term storage.

How Video Compression Can Help You

Video compression is a valuable tool if your system Video surveillance has bandwidth and storage limitations because video files can be very large if they are long clips or if they are saved in high definition. megapixel. However, if your video is compressed too much, it can affect the image quality. Our monitoring experts can help you find the best balance between compression and image quality.

Compressing video files makes it easy for your system to send files over the network without significant delays or delays. This is especially important when viewing from mobile devices on a smartphone or tablet.

dvr video codec

Compressed video files also take up less space on your hard drive, so you can store more videos or keep the files longer.

What format does CCTV record in?

Digital CCTV cameras capture images and video directly as digital signals. The signals are compressed and encoded in a standard video format such as MPEG. Digital CCTV cameras usually record video to a hard drive or storage server.

Video compression codecs are available in video surveillance systems and IP security cameras from major manufacturers such as Optica, Axis and Mobotix.

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