Fixed: How to fix Java cpu usage program

August 22, 2020 by Billy Manning


Today's guide is designed to help you when you receive a Java processor usage program error. double getProcessCpuLoad () Returns the "last CPU used" for the JVM process. long getProcessCpuTime () Returns the processor time used by the process that is running the JVM, in nanoseconds. double getSystemCpuLoad () Returns the "last CPU used" for the entire system.





1. How To Calculate The Processor Load?

2. What Is CPU Usage Related?

3. Is The Processor Related To Processes And Threads?

How do I get rid of CPU usage?

Press "Ctrl-Alt-Del" and click "Launch Task Manager" to open the Task Manager on your computer. Scroll down and watch out for processes that you cannot recognize. Then click on the processes you want to deactivate and click the End Process button.

Timeshare operating system now uses round robin to allocate time intervals for process scheduling. If the process waits or hangs, CPU resources are not used. Threads are called lightweight processes and share the resources of a process. Therefore, thread scheduling is also divided by CPU time. In Java, we use JVM for thread scheduling. Therefore, there are generally two flow scheduling modes: time-sharing and priority scheduling.


1. Does An Infinite While Loop Cause Increased CPU Usage?

First, an infinite loop calls the CPU register to count, and this operation uses CPU resources. Does the processor change threads if the thread is still in an infinite loop?

An infinite loop releases CPU resources only after the operating system timeout has elapsed S, and an infinite loop keeps asking for system time intervals until the system runs out of time to do so. something other.

This question was also asked on stackoverflow: Why does an unintentional loop increase CPU usage?

2. Can Young GC Increase CPU Utilization?

Young GC itself is a garbage collection operation in the JVM that must compute memory and call registers. Therefore, the frequent young GC needs CPU resources.

What is the optimal CPU utilization?

We have found that the 70-75% range is the right balance for your business. This workload fully supported their average infrastructure needs and provided them with the buffer they needed to support peak workloads without sacrificing performance.

Let's look at a real case. The for loop requests a collection of data from the database and then packs the new collection again. If there is insufficient memory for memory, the JVM overwrites data that is no longer in use. As a result, you may get a CPU usage warning if the space required is large

3. Is The CPU Usage High For Applications With A Lot Of Threads?

If the total number of threads is large when we check the state of the system threads via jstack, but there are not many threads in the "Runnable" and "Running" states, the CPU utilization is not necessarily high.

I have becomeI had a case when the system number of threads exceeds 1000, of which more than 900 are in BLOCKED and WAITING states. The thread uses very little processor.

However, if the number of threads is large, the most common reason is that a large number of threads are in BLOCKED and WAITING states.

4. Is Thread Count Important For High CPU Utilization Applications?

The key to high CPU utilization is computational intensive work. If the thread contains a lot of computation, the CPU utilization can also be high. This is also the reason why the data script task needs to run on large clusters.

5. Is The BLOCKED State Thread Causing An Increased Processor Load?

Increased CPU utilization is more likely due to context switches or excessive thread execution. Threads that are in a blocked state do not necessarily increase the CPU utilization.

6. What Does It Mean If The Processor Value Us Or Sy In The Timeshare Operating System Is Large?


If you find that your application server load is high, first check your settings like thread count, JVM, system load, etc. and use those settings to determine the cause of the problem. Second, print out the package information with jstack and use tools to analyze thread usage (fast online thread analysis tool is recommended).

What causes high CPU usage in Java?

Why do Java applications need a high processor? Java applications can consume high CPU resources for many reasons: Poorly designed application code with inefficient loops: recursive method calls, inefficient use of collections (for example, oversized ArrayLists instead of using HashMaps) can also be the cause.

One night I suddenly found out that the CPU load had reached 100%. So I immediately grabbed the batch information printed with jstack and looked at the log at http: // fastt

cpu usage program java

Yep, now I found a problem in this log: the method by which the MQ message object was deserialized resulted in an increase in CPU usage.







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