Fixed a bug in the processor scheduling algorithm used in Windows XP.

August 23, 2020 by Jimmie Bourn


If you can see the processor scheduling algorithm used in Windows XP, the following guide will help you.

Windows XP uses a priority-based proactive scheduling algorithm. The dispatcher uses a 32-level priority scheme to determine the order of execution of threads, which are divided into two classes - a class of variables from 1 to 15 and a class of real-time from 16 to 31 (plus a thread with a priority of 0, which manages memory).




Which CPU scheduling algorithm is used in Linux?

The round-robin algorithm is commonly used in timeshare environments. The algorithm used by the Linux scheduler is a complex scheme with a combination of preemptive priority and offset time slicing. It assigns more time to higher priority tasks and less time to lower priority tasks.

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Time is a selection of a process that is in memory and ready to run. The selected process is assigned to the CPU. The processor scheduler performs this function. The processor scheduler performs a series of "offsets" that determine how threads are interleaved.

Scheduling Windows Processes

What is the best CPU scheduling algorithm?

FCFS is better suited for small packages. SJF is best when the process enters the processor at the same time. The last algorithm, Round Robin, is best for setting the desired average latency. Cyclic quantum time sets them to a higher SJF or FCFS value.

1) Windows 3.1 xs used a non-preemptive scheduler, which means no programs were interrupted. He relied on the program to shut down the operating system or tell it that the processor was not needed to switch to another process. This is commonly referred to as collaborative multitasking. Windows 95 introduced a rudimentary preemptive scheduler. However, to support legacy versions, it was decided to run 16-bit applications without priorimplementation.

cpu scheduling algorithm used in windows xp

2) Windows NT versions use a processor scheduler based on a multi-level comment queue with 32 specific priority levels. It is designed to meet the following multimode system design requirements:

All processes receive a priority increase after a wait event, but processes that experience keyboard I / O receive a higher increase than processes that experience a hard disk I / O wait.

What are the CPU scheduling algorithm criteria?

There are many different criteria to check when choosing the "best" scheduling algorithm:
  • CPU usage. To make optimal use of the CPU and not waste a CPU cycle, the CPU is running most of the time (ideally 100% of the time).
  • Debit.
  • Change sides.
  • Waiting time.
  • Average load.
  • Reaction time.

  • 3) Windows XP uses a quantum predictive priority scheduling algorithm. The scheduler was modified in Windows Vista to use the modern CPU cycle counter register to accurately track the number of CPU cycles a thread is performing, not just using an interval timer interrupt routine. ,

    Scheduling Linux Processes

    In versions 2.6 through 2.6.23, the kernel used the O (1) scheduler. Completely Fair Scheduler is the name of the task scheduler that has been integrated into the 2.6.23 Linux kernel. It manages the allocation of CPU resourcesfor running processes and aims to maximize overall CPU utilization while maximizing interactive performance. Instead of queues, red and black trees are used.







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