Troubleshooting Tips for Slow Internet Speed

September 03, 2020 by Logan Reynolds


Sometimes your system may display a message about low internet speed. This problem can be caused by a variety of reasons.

Download speeds below 25 Mbps are too slow to be considered broadband. At these speeds, you may experience video streaming buffering, multi-device connectivity issues, and other internet connection issues.



Does your company have a very slow internet connection? This can be expensive. Almost 11 days of work are lost due to technical disruptions each year, and 48% of employees say slow internet connections are the main reason for this wasted time.

How fast should my Charter Internet be?

Internet Charter Spectrum Speed ​​Levels
Spectral Velocity Level Download Speed ​​ Download Speed ​​
Standard Internet 60-200 Mbit / s 10 Mbit / s
Ultra Internet 300-400 Mbps 20 Mbps
Gig Internet 940 Mbps 35 Mbps

Are you having a slow connection or are your devices running slowly? “Start your diagnosis with a speed test that measures your upload and download speeds,” advises Jude Whiteneck, senior director of product management for Spectrum Business. “This process can help you identify the reasons for the slowdown. During this test, connect computers connected to Ethernet to rule out WiFi issues that might be contributing to the problem. "(See this table for an overview of the speed required for the number of users and online activity of your company.)

“Please note that the internet speed you can get from the connected device is equal to the speed that the device can handle,” said Erin Toney, director of wireless products at Spectrum Business. "The basic rule isthat [more expensive] laptops are more powerful than tablets, which are more powerful than smartphones. However, the configurations of specific device types differ depending on the brand, model and age of the devices. "

As more and more business applications move to the cloud, the required bandwidth also increases. Check your devices to make sure all running apps are required, and close any that shouldn't be running in the background.

Obstacles between the wireless router and the connected device, such as B elevators, car walls, and even metal furniture, affect the signal. The clean path gives the best performance. “Install your Wi-Fi-enabled internet modem or standalone Wi-Fi router as close to your business center or where you use Wi-Fi most often,” says Tony. “The router must be in an open area, not in a closet or closet, on a table or table height, and in the correct position for the antennas to work at maximum efficiency.” Wi-Fi repeater (or oscilloscope),a device that blocks the existing signal can also be a simple solution.

Your browser may have add-ons and plug-in features that consume bandwidth. There may also be security features that check the safety of pages before loading them. To disable unnecessary add-ons in Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu and click Manage Add-ons. If you are using Google Chrome, add-ons can be disabled in the settings.

If you disable add-ons and continue to view them at snail speed, your browser may be corrupted. Update to the latest version to make sure your devices are running at top speed.

How do I fix slow Internet speed?

  1. Check your speed (and your internet data plan).
  2. Give your equipment a one-stop solution.
  3. Know the limitations of your hardware.
  4. Correct the Wi-Fi signal.
  5. Disable or limit bandwidth intensive applications.
  6. Try a new DNS server.
  7. Call your ISP.
  8. Optimize your site for slow connections.

One of the most common reasons for slow Internet speeds is the host server that hosts websites, files, images, games, and applications. The server you are using may be misconfigured or underutilized due to the number of people using it at the same time.

charter slow internet speed

To check your host server settings, visit several pagesOf known websites. Your modem may offer at least the same speed as the fastest download site. If other websites are slower, the problem is usually with those host servers.

If you are following all of these tips and your internet speed is not up to the mark for your business, consider upgrading your data plan. In addition to providing reliable connections, your ISP may have the latest modem and router, and 24/7 support.







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