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If you're getting an error code when you can't connect to wireless DNS, today's guide is here to help.

A simple reboot of your router or modem can fix this problem. There may be a problem with the configuration of your router. It can also result in a no response error from the DNS server. To fix this problem, reset your router to default settings. Open your router's web page and look for the Reset option.



How do I fix the DNS server isn't responding Windows 10?

How to fix DNS server not responding to errors in Windows 10?
  1. Change the DNS server manually.
  2. Enter your MAC address manually.
  3. Install the latest drivers.
  4. Disable virus protection and firewall software.
  5. Update your router's firmware.
  6. Use the netsh command.
  7. Reboot your modem.
  8. Start your computer in safe mode.

When you connect the device to a home network or a Wi-Fi hotspot with internet access, the internet connection may not work for various reasons.

Reasons Why You Cannot Connect To The DNS Server

One class of errors is associated with the Domain Name System, a distributed name resolution service used by Internet service providers around the world. Computers running Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 may display the following error messages in the Troubleshooting Found Issues window:

When these error conditions occur, the device cannot access the Internet. These DNS server errors can occur for a variety of reasons. The step-by-step network troubleshooting steps can be used to diagnose and fix the problem, as described below.

Run Windows Network Troubleshooter On Windows 10

Windows Network Diagnostics can be run on a Microsoft Windows PC to diagnose Internet connection problems. If you are not sure if your computer is reporting that the DNS server is not responding, try the following:

StartRun The Windows Network Troubleshooter On Windows 7 Or 8

How To Fix DNS Servers Not Responding To Problems

To properly fix these internet connection errors, you first need to determine the root cause of the problem. The following sections describe the most common causes of these errors:

Fix TCP / IP And DHCP Errors

cannot connect to wireless dns error

The TCP / IP software of the client device's operating system may not function correctly, and the DNS server addresses may be incorrectly set. These temporary problems are often resolved by restarting your Windows computer. A more elegant solution is to run TCP / IP utilities, which follow the standard procedure for releasing and updating Windows IP address settings.

Likewise, most TCP / IP networks use the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol service to assign IP addresses to clients. DHCP assigns not only the private IP address of the device, but also the addresses of the primary and secondary DNS servers. If DHCP is not working as expected, you will probably need to restart your computer to restore it.

ConvinceThat DHCP is enabled on both your device and your network router. If DHCP is not used on both ends of the connection, Internet connection errors usually occur.

Troubleshoot Your DNS Provider

Many users set up their home networks so that DNS server addresses are automatically obtained from their ISPs. If the ISP's servers or network are down or heavily loaded with data traffic, DNS services can suddenly stop working. Customers will have to wait for the vendor to fix these issues before they can use the vendor's DNS.

How can I reset my DNS server?

How to reset DNS on Windows
  1. Using the Start Menu in the lower left corner of your screen:
  2. Enter CMD in the text box and select the command line program.
  3. A new black window will appear.
  4. Enter ipconfig / flushdns and press ENTER (note there is a space between ipconfig and / flushdns)
  5. Restart your computer.

As an alternative to the private DNS servers supported by each vendor, several vendors including Google and OpenDNS offer free public DNS servers. A router administrator can change the DNS configuration of their network from private to public by manually entering the public DNS IP addresses in the router's configuration settings.

DNS settings can also be applied on the Windows device itself through the Network and Sharing Center. However, this approach usually does not work as a permanent solution, as devices usually get their local settings and overwrite them with router settings via DHCP.

Avoid Internet Blocking With Antivirus Software

The antivirus programs that users install on their Windows PCs are designed to protect against intruders, but they also block Internet access if they find a faulty device.

Most antivirus programs work with special database files that software vendors update automatically and regularly. PC users are often unaware of when these installation updates are occurring because they run in the background and are not intended to interrupt normal operation.

Unfortunately, sometimes these data updates lead to errors that make the antivirus believe that the computer is infected, when in fact it is a false positive result (false positive test). These false positives can cause Windows to suddenly reportIt is about errors when the DNS server is not responding.

Temporarily turn off your antivirus and run Windows Network Diagnostics again to check if this is the cause of your device. Then contact your antivirus vendor for a new update or technical support. While disabling your antivirus does not work as a permanent solution, it is usually (not always) safe to do it temporarily to fix the problem.

Rebuilding Or Replacing A Faulty Router Or Modem

A mistakenly faulty broadband router or modem can cause these DNS error messages to appear on devices on the home network. By restarting the router and modem, intermittent router crashes are at least temporarily eliminated.

What causes a DNS error?

DNS errors mainly occur because you are unable to connect to an IP address, which indicates that you may have lost your network or Internet connection. DNS stands for Domain Name System. In other words, DNS translates your web domain name into an IP address and vice versa.

Routers and modems may need to be replaced if they persist. However, it is unlikely that either of the two errors will occur, which is why DNS errors are generated regularly. Faulty routers and modems usually fail to turn on at all or cause errors related to the underlying network connection itself. If you connect If you are connecting to the router via the wired Ethernet port, try moving the Ethernet cable to use a different port.







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