How to remove xp boot disk read error

August 12, 2020 by Luca Yagan


In the past few weeks, some readers have told us that they are encountering an error while reading the xp boot disk.

Fixed: disk read errors
  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart. “He was more concerned about the data stored on the disk and was afraid if the hard disk would fail.
  2. Unplug USB or DVD drive.
  3. Reset / update your BIOS.
  4. Fix MBR and fix boot.
  5. Check your hard drive cables.
  6. Check your RAM.
  7. Try the player on a different computer.
  8. Conclusion:



An Error Occurred While Reading The Hard Drive In Windows 10/8/7

As a computer user, many errors can occur that prevent you from accessing your hard drive or data. Among them, the most frustrating error is reading the hard drive. When it is displayed, the following message is displayed: “An error occurred while reading the hard disk. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart. "

Fix Hard Drive Reading Error With 5 Solutions

You will be prompted to press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart. However, in most cases this does not help and you cannot start the computer correctly. The problem has infected a large number of users on Windows 10/8/7 / XP. On this page, we have collected five methods that are considered the most effective for solving the problem.

Fix 1. Save Data Without Loading To Windows

It would be easy to solve the problem "An error occurred while reading from the hard disk". The problem, however, is that most people have important personal belongings on their hard drive. Therefore, they don't know how to protect their files. You know, some troubleshooting steps can seriously damage your data and ultimately lead to an irreversible data loss disaster.

For this reason, we recommend that you back up your data first. You can export the data and try to recover the data on another working computer. Here is an example of creating a backup without booting in Windows10/8/7 / XP.

To run Windows without an operating system, you need EaseUS Todo Backup with bootable media. This allows you to save and export data even if the operating system does not start or crashes.

Download EaseUS Todo Backup and install it on a clean computer. Follow these steps to export data without loading to Windows.

Fix 2: Check SATA Hard Drive Cables

Damaged SATA cables can cause the problem "An error occurred while reading from the hard drive." So try the following tips to fix the error if the above methods don't work.

Step 2. If you have multiple hard drives, leave only the hard drive with Windows installed and test multiple SATA connectors and cables.

Fix 3: Run Surface Scan To Check Hard Drive

boot disk read error xp

If a sector on your hard drive is bad, it can cause the "An error occurred while reading from the hard drive" problem when starting the computer. You can run a professional partitioning program to check ifHard disk for bad sectors.

For this you need EaseUS Partition Master to create a bootable USB stick or CD / DVD. Then, reboot your computer from the boot device you just created. Follow the instructions to check for bad sectors:

Step 1. Download and install EaseUS Partition Master. Right-click the hard drive you want to test and select Surface Test.

If the sector is bad, remove the hard drive. Connect the hard drive to a working computer and fix bad sectors:

If you do not have technical knowledge and want to minimize the risk of data transmission, it is better to use third-party software. The command line is suitable for IT pros because the wrong commands can cause serious problems. Therefore, we highly recommend that you try the automatic command line alternative.

How do I fix steam disk read error?

How to Fix Steam Media Playback Error [2020] - YouTube
  1. CLICK ON SETTINGS. [00:11]
  4. CHOOSE YOUR FILE. [00:35]
  6. Now wait for the steam to repair. [00:52]
  8. Enter your registration information. [01:22]

EaseUS Tools M is a convenient, safe and simple computer repair tool. This is a great alternative to the CHKDSK command. Use this tool with one clickand to troubleshoot your computer.

Step 3. Select the drive and wait for the repair. When the process is complete, click the Browse button to check the disc.

Fix 4. Rebuild MBR To Fix Hard Drive Read Error

If you receive the error message "An error occurred while reading the hard drive," it means that the problem is not in the BIOS. Then try to recreate the MBR with EaseUS Partitioning Software. Do the following:

Fix 5. Run Bootrec To Fix The Hard Disk Read Error.

If any errors occur during the installation or configuration of the bootloader, the error "An error occurred while reading the hard disk, press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart",


These practical solutions could have saved you from reading disk errors. If the hard drive fails or is badly damaged, you must replace the hard drive. You can contact EaseUS Disk Management Tool to upgrade your larger hard drive.







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