Fixed: how to fix access error set by application or set by vba object

August 23, 2020 by Logan Reynolds


Some readers recently reported that they encountered an application or object specific vba access error.

This message appears when the error generated by the Raise method or the error statement does not match the error defined by Visual Basic for Applications. Hence, it could be an error that you defined, or an error defined by an object that includes host applications such as Microsoft Excel, Visual Basic, etc.



VBA runtime error 1004 can be caused by many factors. In this article, I'll show you a few different situations and how to deal with them.

VBA Code Belongs To Non-existent Zone

This code usually occurs when VBA code refers to a cell or range that does not exist. For example, this is the correct code.

The first row returned error 1004 because Excel only contains 16,384 columns and the last column is XFD. In the second case, we don't have the "myRange" range. In this case, the application will also return an error. After creating the range, no error appears.

What is object required error in VBA?

An object is required in Excel VBA. The required object is a runtime error when we set a variable that is not an object, but try to assign values ​​using the SET statement. This error occurs at runtime for a variety of reasons.

You should be very careful when using loops, especially on columns. You can exit the index without even realizing it.

You Are Trying To Enter A Value Out Of Range

The following code does not work because the program cannot recognize the Range property values ​​as a range.

Explicitly Select A Worksheet

Take a look at this code. Here you have selected the active sheet. However, activating another sheet may result in an error.

You Are Using Protected Mode

You can also see error 1004 if your foxt is in protected mode. Disabling protection can fix this problem.

Macro Recorded At Worksheet Level

What is run time error 1004 in VBA?

Run-time error '1004'. Application or operation specific error. This issue can occur if one or more cells in a table (a range of cells) contain a string that is more than 911 characters long.

This error sometimes occurs when recording a macro at the worksheet level. You need to create a module and enter the code there. To do this, go to VBE (Alt + F11) and right click on the module symbol. Insert a new module and enter your code here.

application defined or object defined error access vba







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